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The TSK gate valves are of through conduit design. when the valve is completely opened, the valve port becomes a fully cylindrical bore allowing for the passage of pigs and scrapers .The fully opened bore of the  port can reduce turbulence flow and pressure drop through the value, which pressure loss is equal to a length of pipe with the same size.


Main Features:

l  Full size oriented design

l  Expansion type valve plate applied, can establish mechanical seal with valve seat with/without pressure.

l  Metal-metal seal tech applied between valve seat and bonnet, valve plate and seat, valve body and seat.

l  Valve plate, seat, stem and other parts are easy to replace at site.

l  Easy to maintain, operate, corrosion resistance and extend service life.

l  Suitable for multiple actuators.

l  Available sizes and pressure classes


Basic Parameters:

l  SizeNPS 236

l  Working Pressure3002500