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Tix China Valve Co., Ltd. participated 8th North Africa (Algeria) International Oil and Gas Industry Expo

Exhibition Profile:

Algeria ranks among the top economies in Africa, and has rich oil and natural gas resources. It is known as the "North African oil depot". Its proven reserves of oil is approximately 12.2 billion barrels, accounting for 1% of the world's total reserves and ranking 15th in the world. It is mainly Sahara light oil with high oil quality. The proven reserves of natural gas is 4.58 trillion cubic meters, accounting for the world's total 2.37% of reserves, ranking 10th in the world. Algeria has been assessed by the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) as the country with the most unconventional oil and gas potential in North Africa, with recoverable reserves of 707 trillion cubic feet.


On March 25-28, North Africa's largest international oil and gas exhibition - 2018 Algeria Oil Exhibition held in the second port city of Oran. The exhibition has attracted more than 600 exhibitor in oil drilling, solid control, oil and gas pipeline transportation, refining and LNG equipment from more than 20 countries with more than 15,000 professional visitors. The TSK Valve overseas team successfully participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, due to our unique product design concept and technical advantages, and the ability to supply single-welding line, large-diameter, fully welded ball valves that closely matched the oil and gas pipeline transportation market in Algeria, we have received the high attention from the leaders of the Algerian energy sector. We are honored that the vice president of Algeria Oil Company and general manager of Algeria Natural Gas Pipeline Company Oran City visited our booth. TSK participation in this exhibition was very successful. It not only received a number of local oil and gas with its engineering companies and inventory dealers from Azerbaijan, but also with the customer from neighboring Egypt and other North African countries as well as France, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Turkey, Russia, the United States and other countries and regions to discuss in-depth for the products and technology cooperation.